Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today was a big day for me because I memorized Colossians 4:18.  That puts me at the end of the book.  It's always great to reach the end, but now comes the long slog through the next 100 days of review.  Given the troubles I've had with Galatians I realize that I need to stay buttoned-up on this.

I know that I don't post personal stuff on this blog much anymore, but since this project is the reason I've been slacking here I thought I should mention it.  In a few weeks I should be able to recite all of Colossians from memory without helps and then be able to do it while stretching for a run, in the shower, etc.  That will free up more time for this blog.

If you're interested in trying this, you can check out this system.  And unlike the system that many are discussing now, you don't need a moleskine!

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