Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Little Milestone

I'm away from my resources, so I'm going to just write something personal. I remember when Amanda and I were dating. I was a pagan and she dragged me to church. I really enjoyed First Presbyterian of St. Petersburg. I particularly enjoyed it when one of the pastor's friends from a local seminary came by to teach our Sunday School class.

This guy thoroughly impressed me. I'm not sure that he even had his own copy of the text. He would ask us to read our various translations and then he would comment on the accuracy of them. He explained the Gnostic heresy to us and how that was a possible framework for what Paul addressed in the letter. I just remember being impressed by how much knowledge he had at his fingertips.

This morning in my small group we discussed 1 Peter. I am nowhere near that guy, but if I have a Greek and an English text I can do just fine. I feel like seminary is starting to pay off a little bit. Obviously I would be a lot more effective with the preparation we are supposed to do, but I could participate in a discussion over a familiar book pretty much off the cuff.

I realize that this may seem like an awfully proud post and maybe it is. I'm just excited that I am getting to a place where I always wanted to be. I don't think I'm quite there yet, but I sure am a lot more conversant with the text than I once was.

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