Monday, September 07, 2009

More Tools

Ezekiel 21:28-30
(28) "And you, son of man, prophesy, and say, Thus says the Lord GOD concerning the Ammonites and concerning their reproach; say, A sword, a sword is drawn for the slaughter. It is polished to consume and to flash like lightning--
(29) while they see for you false visions, while they divine lies for you--to place you on the necks of the profane wicked, whose day has come, the time of their final punishment.
(30) Return it to its sheath. In the place where you were created, in the land of your origin, I will judge you.

Back in Isaiah I wrote quite a bit about God's sovereignty in using kingdoms for His purposes. Here is another example. My ESV Study Bible note on verse 30 made the point that the command to "return it to its sheath" is another example of God using a kingdom to judge another, but still saving that kingdom for its own destruction.

I can remember how I would read the Old Testament and shake my head at the ignorance of the people. I would wonder how they could be so thick. I realize that I've written on this over and over again, but I think it bears repeating as often as God repeats it in His Word. The ignorance of Israel reminds me of how foolish I was and continue to be in my own life. I know that I keep making the same dumb mistakes. I know that it takes me a long time to learn some lessons.

The good news is that I serve a very patient and loving God. He blesses me way beyond what I deserve. I deserve death from Him and He gives me life. I deserve dryness and He gives me bounty. All I can do is thank and praise Him.

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