Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We had the first day of class yesterday. We started to lay a foundation for what hermeneutics is all about. I'm very excited to learn the material and to apply it, but I really am having a hard time getting into the class being from 6-10. We only went to 9:30 last night, but I think it is going to be grueling no matter what. I have to remember that this is a marathon rather than a sprint.

I am excited because I believe that hermeneutics is at the core of our faith. You can make the Bible say pretty much whatever you want. It's all a question of your hermeneutic.

Incidentally, we are using this book as one of our textbooks. It is a very fast read and has some wonderful concepts to apply. I already can tell that I am going to struggle with patiently going through the observation stuff. However, I also know that observation leads to right interpretation which leads to right application.

I'll keep you posted on how the class goes, especially if I learn anything really exciting.

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