Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When Arminianism Fails

One of my classmates pastors a small church. He rejects Calvinism, though I don't know why. I do know that makes him an exception at our seminary, but that also gives me hope for the areas where I differ from the company line.

At any rate, he has expressed some frustration over his congregation's lack of spiritual movement. He prepares his messages and preaches the truth to them. He stands by the Word of God in preaching and counseling. Why isn't it moving mountains?

My suggestion to him was that he cannot do God's job. No matter how clever we are, no matter how much Scripture we quote, no matter how many times we meet with someone, only the Holy Spirit can really change hearts. I think it is more of an issue of prayer than anything. We need to trust that God wants to be glorified and it is up to Him to grant someone a heart of genuine repentance.

I have often heard Mark Driscoll say that in evangelism we should sleep like a Calvinist. We need to evangelize, but we also need to trust God's sovereignty as well.

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