Saturday, June 06, 2009

Watch for Subtlety

Isaiah 36:7
(7) But if you say to me, "We trust in the LORD our God," is it not he whose high places and altars Hezekiah has removed, saying to Judah and to Jerusalem, "You shall worship before this altar"?

You've got to be careful when reading dialog in the Bible. After all, not everything everyone says is true. Take this for example. The Rabshakeh tells the people that Hezekiah took down the high places of the Lord. Of course, those weren't the way He designed worship. Hezekiah was right to tell people that worship had to be at the temple.

This also warns us not to believe everything we hear or read. This is especially true with the internet. There is a ton of junk out there. We need to be discerning in what we take in. Are we reading opinions or facts? How are we forming our worldview as a result of what we are taking in?

I think most people like to think that the Bible is their guide. Can you honestly say that? Can I honestly say that? Do I know what it says enough to filter the world through it? Am I committed enough to it that I will let it change my worldview? I fear that I am becoming somewhat cemented. In many cases, that is a good thing. However, I also know that there must be some areas where God wants to change me. Am I teachable?

I realize that I've used this text as a springboard and gone off on it. However, I do think that these are some things to consider.

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